Moderation in the Lower Havel area

Client: Ministry of Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture of the Federal State of Brandenburg
Period: 2009

The buffer strip project (GRP) in the Lower Havel area in Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt qualifies as the largest river renaturation project in Europe. FUGMANN JANOTTA was commissioned to be an external moderator of the process of preparing a management and development plan for the Lower Havel GRP. This included an acceptance analysis and the implementation of measures to promote acceptance. For this reason, all the key players were included in the process. The moderation incorporated strategic guidance measures for the planning process in order to secure acceptance for the management and development plan, as well as to improve – both internally and externally – the flow of information and the communication between those involved. Taking into account diverse needs, the measures were timely and effective both in terms of conflict avoidance and in identifying potential solutions. The result was that all the basic misgivings about the project were able to be cast aside. Acceptance of the primary measures was granted by participants in the planning process, the local authority, and by users – and in the case of the local authority, was affirmed through official resolutions.