Project management in Herzberge

Client: Lichtenberg Berlin District Office
Period: 2008-2015
Dimension: 25 ha

Covering a total of 100 ha, Herzberg Landscape Park is made up of a combination of areas for recreation, agriculture, and high-priority nature conservation, unique in terms of its proximity to the centre of Berlin. Over the last few years renaturation measures have been carried out on c. 25 ha of former commercial, railway and derelict land in order to provide structural enrichment of the visual landscape and to improve the ecosystem. Until all the measures have been implemented the area will remain a landscape conservation zone. The project management entails a continuing alignment of the measures with the administrative agreement drawn up between the district and the funding authority – especially in relation to the project goals, budgeting and scheduling, the preparing of expenditure reports, the organisation and implementation of competitive tendering procedures in line with VOF, pre- and postprocessing, as well as the chairing of project meetings.