Köln-Kreuzfeld competition, presentation 2nd phase

Köln-Kreuzfeld, Tilelbild des wettbewerblichen Dialog

The competitive dialogue “Köln-Kreuzfeld” is entering the final stage. The three revised designs of the 2nd phase will be presented online to the interested public from 15-30 November 2021. Anyone who would like to can also take part in the online survey and provide feedback on the planning proposals.

In addition, a public forum will be held in Cologne on Saturday, 27.11.2021. There, the three planning teams will answer questions from the interested public on site. In addition to the team from KCAP (Zurich) – in which FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNER is involved – the teams from Adept (Copenhagen) and Rheinflügel Severin (Düsseldorf) will be represented in Cologne.

The competitive dialogue combines the award procedure for the planning services of the urban development framework planning for the new district of Cologne-Kreuzfeld.  Through the participation and qualification process, the urban-spatial basis of the planning concept for the new quarter will be developed.

Detailed information on the three contributions and the entire competitive dialogue can be found here.

Graphic: City of Cologne