Living in the Wrangelkiez – 1st prize

Together with Arnold and Gladisch Architects, FUGMANN JANOTTA bdla received the 1st prize for the ‘Wrangelstraße 30-32, 10997 Berlin – Reconstruction of a Residential and Commercial Building with Interior Courtyard Design’ competition.
The Evangelical Church of central Berlin would like to combine affordable living space with social usage. Around 40 flats for rent and two residential communities for sufferers of dementia are planned, as well as spaces for further diaconal projects. The interior courtyard is open for the use of all residents. Also situated within the courtyard is a day-care centre, the grounds of which are preserved and integrated into the reconstruction.
A zoning system is achieved by dividing the courtyard into an urbanised area on the western side and a landscaped area on the east. The two zones are connected by a communal area in the centre. Each user group is assigned their own private open space (day-care centre garden, terrace for dementia patients, private gardens for the residents of the courtyard house). Communal meeting areas for festivities and neighbourly communication are formed from neighbourhood gardens, neighbourhood squares, and park gardens beneath mature trees.