FJP Relaunch 2021

FJP-Relaunch. Blick auf den tollensesee beim Büroausflug 2021

Due to the pandemic, FJP also had to adjust to new working environments during the last one and a half years: extended home office periods, a lot of digital communication and little analogue interaction. This situation did not make it particularly easy for the new team members to settle into everyday office life and to get to know all their colleagues better.

So it was time to relaunch FJP take another look at how we see ourselves as a team and explore the following questions: Who are we? How can we better deal with the workload? What is important to us about our work?

Together with our coach of trust, Mr. Haupt from aufBau, we retreated for two days to the beautifully located Bornmühle on Lake Tollensesee. The first day was all about team spirit. In alternating rounds and with different tasks, we got to know completely new facets of each other. The second day was dedicated to agile (flexible and adapted in a team) and lean (lean and efficient) working. Here we were able to familiarise ourselves with new working methods.

In between, there was enough time to unwind in the great environment, with informal conversations and games….

It was good and very inspiring! FJP relaunch FJP

The whole team at the FJP relaunch at Tollensesee