Photovoltaics – Big potential for sunny prospects

photovoltaic system

In Brandenburg, the demand for suitable open spaces for photovoltaic systems is increasing. Many municipalities are currently literally overrun with inquiries regarding available areas from interested parties and project developers. This poses an increasing challenge to municipal and city administrations to manage the development in a sensible way and to answer important questions.
Are the areas suitable for open-space photovoltaic plants or are there perhaps even more suitable areas in the municipal area? What about the acceptance of the local citizens? What is the impact of the photovoltaic plants on the landscape?

In March of last year, the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection of the State of Brandenburg already issued a preliminary recommendation for action for municipalities in this regard in order to answer the most urgent questions. The recommendation for action contains, for example, a proposal for positive, consideration and exclusion criteria for open-space photovoltaic plants, as well as guidance for the case-by-case evaluation of PV projects. After all, not every open space is suitable for a photovoltaic plant.

Among other things, protected areas, valuable soils and other uses must be taken into account. Also, PV projects – depending on location and terrain topography – can have different effects on localities or the landscape. The so-called potential area analysis, which is prepared uniformly for the entire municipality, has proven itself as an instrument for area identification and evaluation. It forms a comprehensible and transparently derived basis for municipalities to evaluate land inquiries.

Currently, FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNER is preparing potential area analyses for open space photovoltaic plants for several municipalities in Brandenburg. This is done on the basis of the recommendations for action of the state of Brandenburg as well as other nature conservation, regional planning and other concerns. In addition, FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNER prepares landscape evaluations and visual field analyses for the case-by-case evaluation of potential areas found.