Alter Markt, Berlin

Client: Bezirksamt Treptow-Köpenick von Berlin
Period: 2007-2010
Dimension: 2800 m²
Location: Berlin-Köpenick

“Der alte Markt” – the old market – is located in the historical center of Köpenick which is listed for preservation; it covers the area between the central library and the local museum. The pavement of the square consists of granite and basalt stripes, transforming the historical paving materials into a modern image. New gleditsias with their eye-catching yellow autumn coloring form an interesting contrast with the red brick facade of the library and the historical school building. A garden behind the public buildings provides an introverted place to linger. Its location near the water gives the garden a special quality. In its lightest and most quiet place, directly on the waterside of the “Kiezgraben“, there is a plaza edged loosely by stripes of perennials which is suitable for smaller events like readings.

“… Matching the celebrated new building of the Köpenick library (…) the plaza in front of it is designed extremely down-to-earth (…) – a wide cobble stone pavement with a small number of trees. Those who find this esthetic reference to Italian plazas too rigid can go to the back side of the library where a traditional garden awaits them (…).“

Susanne Isabel Kröger, Berliner Zeitung, September 05 2010