Bevernstraße, Berlin

Client: Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg von Berlin
Cooperation: Tilman Stachat Holzgestaltung
Period: 2008
Dimension: 575 m²
Location: Berlin-Kreuzberg

In the new design, the playground “Bevernstraße” is divided into two parts. A larger area for climbing and romping and a smaller area for younger children. Due its proximity to the historical Gröbenufer landing stage on the river Spree, the playground equipment takes on a water/beach theme. The main attraction is a large lighthouse designed as a climbing tower with a slide. Adjacent to that is a climbable steering wheel and a bird’s-nest swing. Small landing stages lead into each play area. A lifebuoy in the small children’s area serves as a sand-play table. The assortment is completed by a small climbing net and a wiggling whale. Ground-covering shrubs have been planted beneath the trees lining the perimeters, ensuring the visibility of the play area. Beds of low cherry laurel bushes interspersed with juneberry trees have been established along the firewalls.