BSU Strategic Masterplan (RUS)

Client: UralKali, Moskau, Russland
Cooperation: KK Architekten Buro Happold Architekturbüro v.Trott zu Solz Bloomimages
Period: 2012-2014
Dimension: 4.000 km² - entire urban area
Location: Berezniki | Solikamsk | Usolye (RUS)

The Ural region on the Kama river stands as one of the major industrial centres of Russia. The tri-city agglomeration of Berezniki, Solikamsk and Usolye, 180 km North of Perm, inhabits 262,000 residents and sits on 30% of the world‘s potash reserves. Currently the agglomeration faces considerable challenges: an unstable geological situation caused by mining, population decline, time-worn industries, housing and infrastructures as well as lack of attractive education and employment opportunities, difficult access to the region‘s places of interest and environmental risks.
A strategic masterplan was developed to ensure a future for the BSU region. Basing on existing structures the concept lays out a plan for the revitalization of the area presenting an integrated vision for sustainable urban development and attractive living conditions – serving as a basis for further growth and economic success. The significant history and cultural heritage of the three cities were respected and carefully incorporated into the plan.