Chemical Invention Factory, Berlin

Client: Technische Universität Berlin
Cooperation: SEHW Architektur
Period: 2020
Location: Berlin-Charlottenburg
Contest: one 1. prize (winning bid)

The new Chemical Invention Factory building by SEHW Architekur forms a new building block within the TU Campus, which represents contemporary and sustainable research thanks to its compact cubature, its economic grid and its materiality. The cube, which stands out from its surroundings with its simple, shiny metallic façade, serves as a figurehead and new point of identification for the scientists of the pre-foundation centre and, moreover, for the entire TU Berlin.

Due to the orientation of the new building, an address forming forecourt on Marchstraße is created, which, with communicative seating elements and bicycle parking facilities, forms a meeting point and an entrance to the Chemical Invention Factory. From the street, one can reach the protected community courtyard via a generous path area. Here the new building interlocks with the neighbouring nuclear technology building. The centre of the courtyard is formed by an open meadow area with seating under existing old trees.

The planning of the outdoor facilities is geared towards sustainability in order to ensure positive effects on the users and the environment. A large proportion of unsealed green spaces ensures a pleasant microclimate and a high quality of stay. The careful design of the exterior space takes up existing structures and thus reduces the impact on the environment. The planned roof greening increases the proportion of areas with a natural balance effect. In conjunction with the creation of semi-open areas and the use of water and air-permeable coverings, the functionality of the natural balance is improved. Native plant species are used for all planting areas and green roofs.