Dahlem Paradise, Berlin

Client: conwert EPITAURUS INVEST GmbH represented by PHV GmbH co Palladio
Period: 2010-2015
Dimension: 18.3 ha
Location: Berlin-Dahlem

Dominating the scene is a population of trees that has established itself over a particular stretch of gently undulating land. Pines, oaks and birches with high crowns form a canopy of leaves flooded with light, under which semi-natural grasslands have been able to develop. Against this backdrop various building typologies have been integrated in such a way that the specific qualities of this unique site are preserved. 58 dwelling units are achieved in the form of apartment blocks, rows of housing, and semi-detached houses. Three underground car parks keep the housing complex car-free, retaining its park-like quality. Footpaths lead around the groups of trees to the apartments, respecting each individual tree. From here, freely formed flower beds edge out onto the lawns, finished off with groups of Rhododendrons. The semi-detached and rows of housing are approached via the main footpath through an attractive front garden zone.