Daycare Center, Denkendorf

Client: Gemeinde Denkendorf
Cooperation: STUDIOKUBIK Architekten
Period: 2021
Dimension: 4.700 m²
Location: Denkendorf
Award: 3rd prize

3 buildings, 2 addresses, 1 community! The design for the new daycare center with family meeting place marks a new  link for Denkendorf . Due to the three offset structures, the new building mediates in grain and scale between the large sports and school buildings and the new neighbouring residential area. The staggering of the buildings creates different plazas and themed courtyards in the open space. The family meeting place is linked to the neighbouring youth club and school. On the other sie the daycare centre is oriented towards the  residential area.


The surrounding public green space forms a buffer between the existing and the future residential area. It offers play and sports facilities. The open space of the daycare centre is integrated into the green corridor. The topography allowes to model exciting and child-friendly small spaces. Between the neighbouring youth centre, the skate park and the new family meeting place, a square is created. That area is enlivened by the surrounding uses and by different age and user groups. As a result, the square forms a meeting point with amenity qualities for the various users of the adjacent facilities in the network of paths of the school and sports centre. It leads into the public green corridor and the residential area up to the landscape conservation area of the Alter Eichwald.

Open spaces

The spacious forecourt of the daycare center in Denkendorf is a daily meeting place for children and their parents. On the other hand, it is a place to stay and communicate. An existing tree integrated centrally into the square is surrounded by a circular bench. In the peripheral areas of the forecourt, there is a kiss-and-ride zone as well as two wheelchair-accessible parking spaces for cars and bike lockers.

The nursery garden is divided into individual sections. Each of it appeals to different senses of the children and should also meet the requirements of inclusion. Modelling with hills in the individual areas makes use of the slope and trains the motor skills, especially those of the smaller children. The hills with slides, climbing walls and water courses, the trampolines and the bird’s nest swing also make it possible to play on different levels. The sub-areas are grouped around the central movement area at the garden courtyard. Organically shaped, narrow paths provide access to the play and movement areas.

The garden is framed by robust shrubbery and groups of trees, some of which have large crowns. The existing tree population is preserved as far as possible. Furthermore, additional new plantings support the structure of the site and provide shade. In the south-eastern section, a terrace deck adjoins the multi-purpose room. This deck can be used by the family meeting place or by the crèche children as an additional quiet terrace space during the daycare center’s operation. Furthermore, a sunny south-facing terrace forms the extension of the dining room at the entrance hall. In addition, a small kitchen garden with raised beds and self-cultivated vegetables and herbs is directly adjacent.