Daycare Center, Velten

Client: Stadt Velten
Cooperation: STUDIOKUBIK Architekten
Period: 2019-2020
Dimension: 7633 m²
Location: Velten-Süd
Contest: 2020
Award: 3rd prize

Due to stuctural change and dismantling, two large buildings of the settlement in Velten-Süd were removed. The new daycare center completes the large figure of the settlement. Furthermore it marks the beginning and end of the band of public facility buildings. The formal kink of the new architecture creates a forecourt towards the center of the quarter and a coherent, south-facing outdoor play area.

The clearly structured new building forms a sun-drenched play landscape with an exciting interplay of narrowness and breadth and flexibly switchable room constellations. The foyer provides the link between the various interior and exterior areas.
Out front the spacious forecourt of the daycare center with two central tartan hills and several benches is a playful meeting point and lounge area. On the opposite side the garden offers a wide variety of different spaces – several planting beds, play areas with acoustic and visual play equipment, and play grounds equipment to sharpen the coordination skills. A robust shrub planting frames the garden. Tree plantings structure the open space and provide shade.