Ecological Succession Park Lieberoser Heide

Client: Naturlandschaften Brandenburg Foundation
Period: 2013-2014
Dimension: 15 ha
Location: Lieberose | Peitz

The Naturlandschaften Brandenburg Foundation (NBL) intends to create a tourist attraction as part of the masterplan for the natural exhibition Internationale Naturausstellung Lieberoser Heide (INA). The area of this pilot project will border German federal road 168 that goes from Lieberose to Peitz, both of which are situated in the state of Brandenburg. The project has been designed to make the natural space of the former Lieberose military training area come alive for visitors by offering them a panoramic view over Brandenburg’s two largest wilderness areas.

The INA’s central point and nature experience in this reserve, the Feldherrenhügel hill, can be accessed without barriers. This spot offers visitors a wide view of the unique area. The Sukzessionspark Lieberose visualizes the diverse landscape areas of the Lieberose heather. The succession path takes visitors to the different development stages of vegetation on the former Lieberose military training area. An informational display located on the former helipad will explain the succession stages and conservation measures to visitors.