Georg-Knorr-Park, Berlin

Client: City Administration for Urban Development and Housing
Cooperation: Christoph Kohl Stadtplaner Architekten GmbH
Period: 2019-2020
Dimension: 9 ha
Location: Berlin-Marzahn

The project aims to transform the former industrial and production location of the Knorr-Bremse company in the Berlin district of Marzahn into a residential and business neighbourhood.

A modern business courtyard structure will be built in addition to a maximum of 1,400 residential units surrounded by historic landmark industrial buildings, a shopping center, railways and superordinate roads. Created by CKSA and FJP, the draft „Konnekt Marzahn“ provides for an independent, predominantly green and lively neighbourhood that interconnects its heterogeneous surroundings. Work, housing and service will be intensely intertwined. This mixture will provide the new neighbourhood with a good quality of life, optimally connected to the urban infrastructure and creating a combination of both public and private open spaces.

A permeable “stretch of buildings” will form a frame for the entire area, emphasizing the historical character of the landmarked buildings.  A park with blue-green infrastructure will form the center of the car-free quarter. People will be able to see and experience how rainwater is retained with the help of water streams and a pond. An east-west-axis will form the urban antipode to this structure. Its spatial structure of places and streets emulates the business courtyards in Berlin’s inner city.

The park’s greenery runs through the entire quarter. However, the garden courts of the open modular structure will be designed in a more intimate and differentiated way. In addition to space for private outside areas, they will also offer areas for playing and socializing. Most roofs of the new buildings will be extensively greened. Some of the buildings’ roofs will be designed more intensely. For example, there will be student housing with more than 350 flats. Its roof will be the common area for students. It will be a place to meet, garden, play sports or contemplate all while enjoying an award-winning view.