Werner-von-Siemens School, Gransee

Client: Gransee and Communities District Administration
Period: 2010-2012
Dimension: 0.8 ha
Location: Gransee

As the Werner-von-Siemens School was extended, the outdoor facilities of both the grammar school and elementary school were reshaped using existing materials. Each of the now connected schoolyards features a “green island”, which serves as a place for young people to stay and relax. The creative focus of the grammar school’s yard is to let youth relax and recover from lessons. Offering its pupils a space for play and movement, we created an area for multiple activities around the elementary school. A green classroom creates the opportunity to learn outside the school building. Located in the center of the school yard, a terrace serves as an extension of the annex building, used by pupils as a meeting point and place for socializing. It can be used as a stage and school event location. The directors of the grammar school, the elementary school and the day care center were actively involved in creating their common school yard.