Helsingforser Platz, Berlin

Client: Bezirksamt Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg von Berlin
Period: 2010-2013
Dimension: 6.700 m²
Location: Berlin-Friedrichshain

The starting point for the redesign of Helsingforser Platz is the southern Finnish landscape around Helsinki. The characteristic islands surrounding the city are made up of weathered stone and a sparse covering of trees. At the centre of the spatial mise-en-scène are modelled islands (of vegetation) created out of coarse greywacke gravel and single boulders.
The numerous connecting paths and crossings are preserved by the precisely-shaped amorphous islands of vegetation. An irregular, yet concise planting scheme of multi-stemmed birches and grasses aims at establishing a relationship to the landscape. The islands are embedded within a concrete pavement made up of two different lengths of paving stone and stripes of small cobbles, forming a pattern of waves that – being perpendicular to the main direction of movement – produces a decelerating effect.