Hirschhof, Berlin

Client: Bezirksamt Pankow von Berlin
Cooperation: spielAHOI
Period: 2008-2012
Dimension: 5400 m²
Location: Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

A new playground, primarily for children under 12 years, is built in close proximity to the historical Hirschhof, an ensemble of connected courtyards on Oderberger Straße. The entrance alone, slightly rising and framed by birches, identifies the area as being intended for playing and lingering. The large and sunny courtyard offers a variety of playing possibilities for children and is an attractive meeting point for the neighborhood community. Individually and thematically designed playground equipment is spread over the whole area. During a workshop organized beforehand the potential of the site was analyzed and ideas were collected. These were evaluated and rated by the participants; the results were integrated into the planning. A community center and a plaza for small events are two of the ideas that could be realized.