Lennepark, Finnentrop

Client: Municipality of Finnentrop
Period: 2012
Dimension: 3,5 ha
Location: Finnentrop
Contest: 2nd prize
In the smallest space, a complex park is created, tailored to the place and the region. Offering lots of experiences and recreation, it is a new gem for Finnentrop.

Three spaces:

Parking area: still a part of the abundant infrastructure area separating Finnentrop from the future Lennepark. Dark asphalt, parking zone gravel of the same color, white markings.

Birch grove: the filter against the emissions of the infrastructure. The backbone of the park – a transforming space: coarse but already park, light and pale birches with emblematic colorful tree stakes forming a grid, man-made order within an element of succession. Bordering the waterside park, the grove is supported by a retaining wall made of steel, which absorbs the level change to the Lenne-Promenade.

Waterside park:  beginning at the Lenne-Promenade next to the steel wall, the park slightly slopes down to the water’s edge. A park protected by a birch filter encourages a deep breath at the river Lenne. A classical park – open space including a large lawn, special thematic places (topics), a promenade providing an overview of the river Lenne as well as public and intimate places along the waterside.