Multigenerational Playground, Berlin

Client: Spandau Berlin District Office
Period: 2009-2013
Dimension: 10.000 m²
Location: Berlin-Spandau

Originally built in the 1970s, Spektepark is a space for social encounter, for breaking down social and cultural barriers, and for neighbourly communication – as well as being a park for the 21st century. In light of changing patterns of leisure behaviour and greater demands for usage, Spektepark has been revitalised as a park of movement – a multigenerational space for all interested in sport and physical activity.
The various sports facilities have been physically separated through the creation of niches, whilst retaining a visual coherence. In order to offer as wide a range as possible of opportunities for exercise and communication, age-appropriate and ergonomically-correct exercise equipment is accompanied by a running track, a gymnastics field and an area for sand-play.