Garden Exhibition 2017, Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm

Client: Natur in Pfaffenhofen a. d. Ilm 2017 GmbH
Period: 2012
Dimension: 18 ha
Location: Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm


Space enclosed by flowing water. Places of longing for city-dwellers. Recreated archetypes of riverside scenes, strong individual characters driving the recovery of the lost landscape of the river Ilm for the citizens of Pfaffenhofen.

The Ilmweg and the promenades

Designed as a footpath and bicycle lane that follows the river Ilm without interruption, the ‘Ilmweg’ (Ilm-way) leads from south to north through changing scenery. The pedestrian has a threefold choice in this Munich suburb: either stroll directly on towards the park through the market; follow the new ‘Am Schwarzbach’ promenade, taking in the city garden; or turn towards the city-centre via the Ilm island. On the western bank opposite the Ilmweg lie newly-laid promenades of varying character that follow the water and the islands. They link directly to the city-centre, and in the city-centre section have sharp-edged banks, granting walkers direct contact with the Ilm.

The North-South Opening

The goal is to seamlessly connect the promenades and locations along the Ilm heading out of the city-centre via the so-called ‘Hinterlandsweg’. The path does not directly lie on the water, but is nevertheless crucial for the overall linking-up of the newly regained spaces around the Ilm.

The citizen’s island

The central “heart” of a gently shifting park topography integrated within a sequence of sites of culture (the former abattoir building), of information (the expanded Arl mill), and of gathering (the ‘Pavillion’ and the ‘Bürgerwiese’). Shaped like a forum, a meeting place in the “centre of the Ilm”.

The residential island

Townhouses of flexible shape are partly situated in the park and partly grouped together around a shared open courtyard. The unique location of the houses is indebted to particular forms of residential usage. The site is able to mix premium-quality apartments with forms of sheltered accommodation and multigenerational residences. Alongside ready-for-use apartments, certain buildings present the possibility for group projects. The buildings are 3-4 storeys high.