New Campus Aufbauschule, Fürstenwalde

Client: IGP Projekt GmbH
Cooperation: Christoph Kohl Stadtplaner Architekten
Activity: Urban planning expert procedure
Period: 2022
Dimension: Idea part 130 ha | Realisation part 5.8 ha

A new quarter is being created in the west of Fürstenwalde – the Stadtteingang West. A campus for intergenerational living, health and education is being developed around the historic Aufbauschule on Dr.-Wilhelm-Külz-Straße, which leads into the city.

The concept developed by CKSA and FJP in the course of the workshop emphasises the unifying character of the site. The new city entrance West not only offers a home to the residents. Likewise, the Campus Aufbauschule will become a focal point for many Fürstenwalde residents due to the educational and health facilities. In addition, the new Qaurtier also functions as a hub between the city centre to the east with the railway station and the excursion destinations to the west: stadium, heathland, festival grounds, Heimattierpark and the Spree.

Basic spatial idea

The ground plan figure of the historical Aufbauschule, with its main building and side wings, forms the heart and starting point of the urban planning settings. The existing building from 1918 is given a modern counterpart. This is structurally subordinate and yet forms an appropriate entrance situation for the campus and the city. Behind the new central semi-circular ensemble, half-open building blocks form a ring-shaped open space, the meeting space. This shapes the open, communicative character of the multigenerational campus. The buildings, which are closed to the street, open up at the back and create a generous transition to the surrounding natural space with their courtyards.


he heart of the campus is the new educational facilities, the Aufbauschule, along with the medical care units in the adjacent new building. On the street side, the semi-circular buildings along the meeting space house commercial units on the ground floor as well as care facilities and assisted living. In addition, further residential uses are grouped around the open courtyards with their quieter communal gardens on the periphery.

The excellent connection to the network of footpaths and cycle paths makes the neighbourhood an attractive contact point and hub for linking the surrounding urban, recreational and natural areas of Fürstenwald.

Furthermore, an urban extension of the campus south of Dr.-Wilhelm-Külz-Straße, in the direction of the Spree area, is conceivable. This would create a completely defined, distinctive square and the city of Fürstenwalde would have its “Stadtteingang West”. In addition, the new Campus Aufbauschule can act as a catalyst for the neighbouring areas. The vacant villas to the east, for example, can be reactivated as a youth club with an adjoining adventure and experimentation garden. In addition, relocating the loading station would create further urban development opportunities in the vicinity of the station and in the direct vicinity of the campus. Thus, the old finishing school offers a lot of potential for new impulses in the west of Fürstenwalde.