Urban development Heinersdorf, Berlin

Client: Bezirk Pankow von Berlin
Cooperation: UmbauStadt HOFFMANN-LEICHTER
Period: 2017-2019
Dimension: 40 ha
Location: Berlin-Pankow

For the district center of Berlin-Heinersdorf, Berlin’s urban development framework plan states new directives regarding future free spaces. The past 150 years of varied urban development will form an identifiable figure, giving the district’s inhabitants identity and orientation.

New open spaces will meet the multitude of demands for opportunities to play, move and relax, creating ecological spaces needed to offset the desired densification of structures. In particular, creating new ponds and ditches in remembrance of historical bodies of water will not only structure the district center but create a new compound of biotopes and ensure that rain water is retained as necessary.

The district’s residents were intensely involved in developing the framework plan. The final result achieved public acclaim.