Paradeis Quarter, Crailsheim

Client: Große Kreisstadt Crailsheim
Cooperation: Christoph Kohl Stadtplaner Architekten
Activity: Urban planning competition
Period: 2023
Dimension: 10,5 ha
Location: Crailsheim

The aim of the masterplan is to reorganise the “Paradeis Quarter” in Crailsheim, to densify it appropriately and to upgrade it. Due to its central location between the railway station and the historic town centre on the Jagst river to the east, the Paradeis Quarter represents an attractive development area. A mix of retail in addition to the city centre, educational facilities, services and office use as well as residential use are planned.

Urban development

The compact development characterises the new urban quarter. A band of buildings (office, service and commercial) shields the neighbourhood acoustically from the railway tracks. The eastern blocks are orientated towards the park, the Jagst river and the old town. This predestines them for residential use, among other things. The central neighbourhood square in the immediate vicinity of the railway station, the central bus station, the neighbourhood car park and the bicycle parking garage forms the new mobility hub for Crailsheim. The new town square in the Paradeis Quarter is therefore not only an attractive entrance to the town and meeting point – with a wide range of retail, catering, hotel and educational facilities. Furthermore, it is the prelude to the unique landscape of the Jagst-Auenpark and the old town.

Open space

The valuable green space running along the Jagst offers a wide variety of spaces for experiences. These can be experienced along the three thematic axes (activity, park and Jagst axis). The “Paradeis Promenade” running along the curved edge of the development forms the activity axis. Several meeting points are strung together like a string of pearls: an open-air stage, a library terrace, gastronomic offerings on the neighbourhood square, a playground and a relaxation terrace. The park axis and Jagst axis both offer additional opportunities to linger, quieter retreats and various nature experience areas.

The entireJagst-Auenpark will be enhanced by a few interventions. The model boat lake will continue to take centre stage and its amenity and design quality will be enhanced. Adjacent reed beds not only serve to clean the rainwater discharged from the neighbourhood, but also form a new habitat for bird and insect species, thus making an important contribution to increasing biodiversity and the experience of nature.