Park at the Nordbahnhof, Berlin

Client: City of Berlin, Senate Department for Urban Development; represented by: Grün Berlin Park und Garten GmbH
Period: 2002-2010
Construction sum: 2000000 €
Dimension: 5,15 ha
Location: Berlin-Mitte
Contest: 1995, 1st prize together with Atelier Loegler Architects, Kraków, Poland
Award: German Landscape Architecture Prize 2011

The “Park am Nordbahnhof“ is an essential compensatory measure to balance the man-made interventions in nature and landscape. Against this background, the urban near-natural park was developed under the concept of a large meadow at Nordbahnhof, in the city center of Berlin. The uniqueness of the park is a result of its location in the urban space, the vegetation and the multifaceted traces of history (former Stettiner Bahnhof, the Berlin Wall and urban wasteland).

…The combination of the basically competing, opposite aspects of ecology and intensive park use in an overall concept has been achieved in a convincing manner.

Jury excerpt, German Landscape Architecture Prize 2011

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