Park at the City Wall, Gransee

Client: Amt Gransee und Gemeinden
Period: 2013-2015
Dimension: 16,6 ha
Location: Gransee

Right on Platz der Jugend in front of Gransee’s historic city wall, on a premise that first was used as a garden, then a cemetery and later a playground, we created an unobtrusive outdoor enclosure offering diverse leisure qualities and playing opportunities.

The park atthe city wall is divided into three areas: a wall with a rampart and old trees, a big open meadow in the center, and a cycleway and side walk along the eastern park border with garden plots and a connection to the Nord-Promenade – a way around the stone wall. Elements of different eras have been delicately incorporated, including structures from the cemetery, a wooden rider figure from the cemetery and two miniature architectures from the 1970s. In addition to a meadow for people, the park may also be used for village fairs and circus shows thanks to its openness and functionality. Objects like table tennis tables, swing sets, a graffiti wall, an object for seating and climbing, a big throne and a sand pit offer high quality for playing and free-time.