Charlott N°6, Berlin

Client: cds Wohnbau
Cooperation: FEA Consult
Period: 2015-2017
Dimension: 5000 m²
Location: Berlin-Zehlendorf

Charlott N°6 offers exclusive housing in the midst of private gardens and a landscape-like park. Bypassers catching a glimpse of the yard will see a place for a very special kind of living. The linchpin of the facility, a lavishly vegetated island, is located right in the center of this area. This island features three cosy places, which serve as both a safe haven and a venue – places to recover and relax. This is the place where you can lie in a hammock, play boule or just enjoy life in harmony with nature in the midst of a big city. The areas are exclusively for the residents. Elegantly blending in with the complex, curved paths throughout the whole area connect every entrance. Attractive plants and special trees round out this unique place. Some older trees can be kept as individual features, complemented by more trees to be planted.