Feasibility Study Spektepark , Berlin

Client: Bezirksamt Spandau von Berlin
Period: 2009-2010
Dimension: 30 ha
Location: Berlin-Spandau

The Spektepark was developed in the 1970s and is a place for social meetings, the overcoming of social and cultural barriers and neighborly communication – a public park of the 21st century. The Spektepark is to be vitalized due to the fact that the leisure behavior has changed and there are higher requirements to the usability. The qualities, potentials and deficits of the existing park were illustrated within the scope of the feasibility study. A new zoning concept meets the high demands of an innovative and sustainable profile for the Spektepark. The concept offers new ways of utilization and is based on a number of interviews and opinion surveys.

With regard to the construction of a new sports hall by the sports club “TSV 1860 Spandau” on the neighboring parking area, the main focus lies on a new multi-generation plaza providing differentiated sports activities for both young and elderly people. Furthermore, the concept includes the construction of new climbing rocks, the designation of a dog playground, the revision of a ball game area and the redesign of the entrance area. To a limited extent, the development measures and new equipment shall add to the actual condition. Cutting back dense-growing woods creates transparency which in turn increases the subjective feeling of security.

The feasibility study was an essential basis for the discussion with park users and multiplicators in a workshop held on 10/01/2009.