The Gehrensee Recreation Landscape, Berlin

Client: Bezirksamt Lichtenberg von Berlin
Period: 2003-2006
Dimension: 13,5 ha
Location: Berlin-Falkenberg

In the context of redeveloping the Gehrensee, a near-natural recreation landscape was created which integrates the protected landscape of the lake. The design was based on a management and development plan prepared by the office.

The scenic, near-natural park offers residents attractive possibilities for playing, camping and walking. The extensive meadows serve as grassland for horses and cattle. The area was completely closed off during GDR times. An embankment surrounding parts of the area was included in the park as a distinctive element ending in a generous viewing platform. The connecting ditch between Gehrensee and Erdpfuhl was broadened and is now used as a rain water reservoir.