The Lenne promenade, Iserlohn

Client: Stadt Iserlohn
Period: 2012
Dimension: 100 ha
Location: Iserlohn-Letmathe

A city mooves closer to the river.

A recoding of the city | Two new urban hubs are installed at decisive sites in Letmathe city-centre – the small district park in Fingerhutsmühle and the city square at Hagenerstraße. They serve as points of intersection for urban networks and as gates to the river Lenne. The city is provided with a structural opening towards the water. Aside from functioning as points of intersection, the developments offer attractive new spaces for the inhabitants of Letmathe.

Segments and stopping-places | The Lenne promenade is divided into three spatially-distinct segments. The heart of the promenade is formed by the “city promenade” with its seating steps, city terrace, and Café-Bar. A highlight of the project, the café clings to the wall underneath the “roof” of the Lenne dam and, via its panoramic windows, offers a clear view of the bridge and the river Lenne. The city promenade is reached from the city square via the new traffic light-crossing on the Lenne dam directly over the accessible ramp from the bridgehead at the Gennaer Bridge. Leading westwards within the “landscape park,” the promenade presents a variety of different stopping-places along a curved path. Scenic curved pathways and idyllic groups of trees are encountered during a choreographed stroll through the landscape park. A view overlooking the river Lenne opens up, with banks of seating inviting a few moments’ rest to savour the riverside view.