Albertinenstraße, Berlin

Client: Baugruppe Wohnen am Weißen See
Period: 2009-2012
Dimension: 5.600 m²
Location: Berlin-Weißensee

In the context of a collective building project on Albertinenstraße the planning was developed and coordinated with the house owners in several workshops and polls. The design allows the green character of the neighboring park to influence the yard area of the estate. For this reason the open spaces are kept free of cars and the paved areas are minimized. The single houses have their own narrow private gardens which are distinguished from the common areas by a level change. The common area is divided into different smaller areas. A central plaza surrounded by attractive stripes of shrubs offers a place for communicating and playing boules. The common area also includes special places such as a playground planted with robinia, a collective kitchen garden with an apple tree and a plaza in front of the community center. Additionally, a sunny lawn offers extra space for playing and sports.