Lake Parstein – A clear matter?

Lake Parstein, bathing area at Herzsprung

Lake Parstein, in the north-east of Brandenburg, is one of the few mesotrophic clear-water lakes of high quality in the country. According to the criteria of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD), it has been in good condition for years. Nevertheless, under rising temperatures and changing precipitation patterns in climate change, the marginal conditions in an agriculturally used environment are also deteriorating for it.
The Brandenburg State Office for the Environment (LfU) therefore wants to take measures here. The aim is to reduce substance inputs into the 10 km² lake and thus relieve the ecosystem.

On 15 June 2022, a kick-off event for the establishment of a round table took place in the village community centre Bölkendorf at Lake Parstein. The aim is to bring together the residents of Lake Parstein and the LfU in order to jointly find suitable solutions to preserve the lake as a high-quality refuge for nature, as a recreational area and fishing water, and to prepare it for the consequences of climate change. At the beginning, the results of the long-term lake monitoring were presented and classified in the ecological functioning of the lake. In addition to the lake ecology, the already verifiable changes in climate and weather were presented in concrete terms for the region. This topic met with lively interest among the representatives from village administrations, tourism and agriculture who were present.

In future, the round table will take place two to three times a year and ensure a continuous dialogue.

FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNER accompanies and supports the LfU in this process together with the surveying office Derksen König from Potsdam, the office Planung und Moderation from Hamburg and other stakeholders.