A next step in power grid expansion

A next step in power grid expansion

In the course of the energy turnaround, the expansion, upgrading and increase of the electricity carrying capacity of the transmission grid in the north and east of Germany plays a central role. 50Hertz is currently planning and implementing a number of line projects in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. Two of the power grid expansion projects are entering the next and final round.

The planning approval documents for the 380 kV Pulgar-Vieselbach (BBPlG Project No. 13, Central Section) and Röhrsdorf-Weida-Remptendorf (BBPlG Project No. 14, East and West Sections) overhead lines were submitted to the Federal Network Agency in good time for the end of 2021. This marks the final step in the approval process – the involvement of authorities and the public – before construction of the new overhead lines can begin. The planning approval process is expected to be completed in fall 2022.

All environmental approval documents were prepared jointly with our project partners BHF, TGP, Ökoplan, Trias and Planungsbüro Förster.

Further information on the expansion of the power grid and the two specific projects can be found on the 50Hertz website: Project 13 Pulgar-Vieselbach | Project 14 Röhrsdorf-Weida-Remptendorf