“Alte Schäferei” – Masterplan on the way

Alte Schäferei

On 2 March 2023, the district assembly of Pankow decided on the framework planning for the “Alte Schäferei” in Französisch Buchholz. Currently, one of the largest urban development areas in Berlin, up to 3,600 new flats are to be built on the site in the north of the city. Together with UmbauStadt and Hoffmann-Leichter, FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNER 2020-2022 drew up the framework plan for the “Alte Schäferei”.

The area west of Schönlinder Straße is now being developed jointly by Gewobag and Treucon Real Estate GmbH. The team commissioned by CKSA is qualifying the specifications of the framework plan for the approximately 30-hectare area. Part of this is also the in-depth specialist planning – FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNER is dealing with the topics of open space and ecology. The masterplan for the development area should be available by the end of the year. The masterplan will then form the basis for the subsequent development plan procedure. The legally binding establishment of the development plan is planned for 2026.

More details on the framework plan “Alte Schäferei” can be found here.

Alte Schäferei Masterplan area