Award for biological diversity in the Honey Suite!

Our thematic garden for the 2017 Berlin International Garden Festival (IGA), “Honey Suite,” has been recognized by the Berlin Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection for its unique promotion of biological diversity in household and private gardens. The garden demonstrates how a garden can achieve an attractive blooming quality even with household plants. This garden lives up to its name, with an apple tree orchard, edible and aromatic plants adapted to the specific location, the insect hotel on the wall and the beehive box on the grass.
State Secretary Stefan Tidow, acting on behalf of the Senator for Environment, Transport and Climate Protection, Regine Günther, presented the award to FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNER and Eckard Kanold GmbH & Co.KG on 22 June 2017, in the form of various nesting boxes and blooming lupins. For us, this award provides additional motivation and encouragement to plan and implement even more successful projects which satisfy the needs of biological diversity, nature conservation and quality design.
More information and photos of the “Honey Suite” can be found here: “Honey Suite”

We would like to thank our partner, Eckard Kanold GmbH & Co.KG, for the nice teamwork!