Berezniki Solikamsk Usolye masterplan

In November the masterplan for the three cities on the river Kama in Berezniki was presented. It is based on an introverted approach that anticipates a completion and improvement of existing city structures, and is aimed at compact cities. In the masterplan mid-term and long-term goals were formulated. In light of the complex challenges faced – as well as the natural and historical conditions of the agglomeration of settlements – the masterplan focuses on interventions aimed at a physical, socio-economical and strategic organizational strengthening of the region.

The final report was modified in collaboration with Arge KK architects/Buro Happold based on comments in the presentation, and was handed over to both the client and the three local authorities at the beginning of 2014. As an integrated and comprehensive strategic document the masterplan offers, amongst other things, a foundation for the development of general local plans for the cities. The project received a great deal of coverage in the local media, including an online article and a TV report about the concept and the presentation.