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Brochure municipal landscape plan Fürstenwalde

With the creation of the municipal landscape plan, the city of Fürstenwalde has elaborated its nature conservation concept in a comprehensive set of plans, thus creating a stable framework for biodiversity and sustainable urban development. In addition, the growing city of Fürstenwalde wants to secure its open space potential for the future. The current municipal landscape plan was developed in a four-and-a-half-year work process. For the city, it forms an important decision-making basis for upcoming location decisions on the subject of building and is consulted for every change to the land use plan. Already at the end of 2020, the decision on self-binding was made by the city council. Thus, the current landscape plan became valid.

The booklet on the municipal landscape plan Fürstenwalde has now been published. This twelve-page publication prepared by FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNER presents relevant contents of the plan to the interested public. In addition to answering basic questions, the brochure uses concrete examples from the city area to show how the landscape plan has a positive effect on nature conservation, climate adaptation and local recreation.

The booklet is available in German at the Bürgerbüro of the City of Fürstenwalde (Rathaus, Am Markt 4). You can also view the report in German and a variety of maps on the city’s website. Furthermore, you can find information on the creation of the Fürstenwalde landscape plan here.

booklet Fürstenwalde. Benefits of the Municipal Landscape Plan Fürstenwalde