Framework Nordsteimke

Framework for NordsteimkeCommissioned by the city of Wolfsburg and in cooperation with Herwarth + Holz (urban planning), Hoffmann-Leichter (traffic planning) and PST (rainwater management), a framework plan for the biggest development area in terms of residential construction is created until Fall 2016. Overall, up to 2.500 new housing units will emerge southeast of the city center within the next few years.

In order to find the right concept for the development area, a two-step competition for ideas with regards to urban development was initiated at the beginning of 2015. The winning draft is now further concretized by means of the framework plan. The integrated subject areas urban and open space planning, rain water treatment and traffic build the foundation for the installation of the development plans for the new districts.

Taking into account the diverse usage demands as well as areas for nature and species protection (amongst others the Nordsteimker moor) and rainwater retention, the structure of the open space will be deepened and differentiated. Furthermore, offers for activities and recreation as well as strategies for sustainable maintenance for the open space will be developed.