“Hönower Weiherkette Nature Reserve” Management and Development Plan: Planning Workshop 1


The first planning workshop concerning the plans for extensive grazing on parts of the “Hönower Weiherkette” nature reserve in northern Hellersdorf was held on 24 January 2017 in the “Haus am Beerenpfuhl” senior center in the Hellersdorf section of Berlin.
After a brief and concise presentation from our firm, interested residents were given the opportunity to contribute to the planning process in two working groups, which were devoted to “special places and paths in Hönower Weiherkette” and “grazing in Hönower Weiherkette.” About 35 guests took advantage of this opportunity, providing many helpful tips and suggestions and explaining their preferences in the working groups. After intensive discussions, the conclusions were presented to the full workshop. The workshop also had a lively response from the responsible administration and the Borough Council Member for Economic Development, Roads and Parks, Mr. Johannes Martin, spent the whole evening at the workshop.

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