Hot off the press! INA brochure is complete

After three months of preparation and consolidation the brochure for the Lieberoser Heide International Nature Exhibition (INA) has finally been printed. The aim of the booklet is to promote the INA, whilst at the same time attracting the attention of potential investors and sponsors.

On behalf of the Lieberoser Heide INA municipal committee, Martin Janotta was commissioned to develop and organise the brochure. An editorial group was founded in order to deal with all the relevant facets. The group occupied itself intensively with the contents of the brochure. The main focus of attention were the future target audiences: the state of Brandenburg, the local population, and the specialist audience.

Thematic maps were created for the brochure by FUGMANN JANOTTA bdla, presenting regional and touristic involvement, thematic areas, and the project in its entirety. In addition, our bureau was responsible for content planning, including image-editing. The texts were discussed within the editorial group and adapted accordingly.

The Lieberoser Heide is marked by its ever-changing history, which has given rise to a unique ecology. Due to the former military training area on the site, an extraordinary biological diversity has developed, which demands preservation. The INA Lieberoser Heide aims to show how current approaches to nature tourism, environmental education and sustainable development facilitate the experience of nature. In so doing, it puts into practice in exemplary fashion both the fundamental goals of the programme for the measurement of biological diversity, and the state of Brandenburg’s strategy for sustainability (which was resolved in 2014). A 2014 scientific study financed by the Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Reactor Safety (BMUB) in the context of a testing and development plan (E+E-Plan), confirmed the findings of the state of Brandenburg-supported masterplan; it found that the INA represented a solution for the Lieberoser Heide military training area, since it would trigger a substantial creation of wealth in an economically underdeveloped and disadvantaged region.

Editor Martin Janotta (FUGMANN JANOTTA bdla) in collaboration with: INA editorial group; Oliver G. Hamm (editing); mediendesign: Michael Schön (Layout and Composition)