Munich – workshop and winter wonderland

Munich Parkmeile Workshop 23.01.2023

As part of the public participation in the development of a masterplan for the Parkmeile (park mile) Südpark – Warnberger Riedel in Munich, a workshop was held as a prelude on 23.01.2023 in the parish hall of “Heilig Kreuz” in the snow-covered district of Forstenried.

The concept of the Munich Parkmeilen is to think about and develop a city-wide network of different green spaces – small and large parks, sports fields, cemeteries, allotment gardens as well as agricultural and forestry areas. One of these eleven Parkmeilen is the Südpark – Warnberger Riedel section located in the south of Munich: an approximately 6 km long, heterogeneous open space that stretches from Südpark (Sendlinger Wald) to allotment gardens and parks to an open, wide open field on the outskirts of the city. In many places, however, the Parkmeile cannot yet be recognized or experienced as a coherent open space. In the summer of 2022, FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNER began working on an open space-related concept, the so-called master plan, for the Parkmeile. An important part of the process is the integration of suggestions and ideas from citizens and interest groups.

Therefore, the city invited to an event with the participation format World Café. About 100 people, composed of residents and users of the Parkmeile, took part in the event. They had a differentiated, partly controversial, but always constructive discussion at the topic tables. The results were documented and presented by committed representatives of the respective topics.

The evening was moderated and intensively accompanied by staff from the Department of Urban Planning and Building Regulations of the City of Munich and the FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNER team. The results are a valuable orientation for further work.

In addition to the kick-off workshop in wintry surroundings, there will be two further events for public participation. In spring there will be a walk through the Parkmeile. The final event is planned for the summer.

Muinch workshop
Munich Parkmeile Workshop 23.01.2023