Neue Spreevorstadt Fürstenwalde – Kick-off!

Neue Spreevorstadt Fürstenwalde

To kick off the ‘Neue Spreevorstadt Fürstenwalde’ development project, we actually travelled to Fürstenwalde/Spree. Together with our clients GIP Fürstenwalde and BST Spree & See as well as the planning partners from con-tura, we familiarised ourselves with the area on site. Over the next few years, an 11-hectare residential neighbourhood is to be built on the former commercial and industrial site in the west of Fürstenwalde. The landscape integration of the area is particularly attractive: the proximity to the Spree to the north and the extensive woodland area to the west.

We will now develop the open space concept for the ‘Neue Spreevorstadt Fürstenwalde’ as part of the framework plan. This will serve to communicate the design and ecological requirements and to discuss the landscape architectural ideas with the political public. In addition, the open space concept will form the basis for the subsequent preparation of the four development plans.

We look forward to working together as part of the planning team.