2020 Office Outing – New Landscapes

This year‘s office outing was dominated by new anthropogenic follow-up landscapes. The first destination of the hike in summery temperatures led from Berlin-Buch through the Bogenseekette and Lietzengrabenniederung nature reserve to the former Hobrechtsfelde sewage fields. Exciting there was the development of the cultural landscape through the combined use of grazing by cattle and horses, forestry, renaturation and recreation.

After lunch, refreshment and dip at the Gorinsee, we reached our second destination – Schönower Heide. The former military training area captivated us with its vastness and barren beauty. Interesting to see, the process-like development of the heath landscape by means of the grazing of fallow deer, mouflon deer and red deer. Enlightening remarks by Ingmar Preuße, head of the forestry office, brought us closer to the opportunities and challenges of caring for such an ecologically valuable new landscapes.