Sand lizards interception on the former recycling yard Vogelsdorf

sand lizards Vogelsdorf

The interception of sand lizards on the former recycling yard in Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf, started on May 31, 2022. It is estimated that more than 81,000 tons of old waste are stored on the 13 ha site. Therefore the site, which has lain fallow for 20 years, is currently the largest illegal landfill in Brandenburg. Now the area is to be developed as a commercial site. Before that the waste needs to be cleared, processed and properly disposed of. In order for the existing waste to be moved and recycled, the local sand lizard populatiom must be relocated.

Under the environmental supervision of FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNER, the capture and relocation of the sand lizard population to an upgraded replacement habitat in Rüdersdorf is being carried out. In the meantime, more than 50 sand lizards have been relocated to the new habitat on seven trapping days. In addition, our environmental construction supervision team checks the creation of the replacement habitats in advance. In addition, they ensure that the capture is as gentle and effective as possible by coordinating supportive strip mowing and repairs to the reptile protection fences. Only after the population has been successfully relocated will it be possible to begin processing the waste in 2023.

Furthermore, our office accompanies the current development plan procedure for the development of the industrial site. Within the scope of the environmental support, FUGMANN JANOTTA PARTNER prepared the environmental report with impact compensation balance, the species protection report and the FFH preliminary assessment.