Sunny prospects in Spremberg

Spremberg, Restriction map

The town of Spremberg | Grodk is planning to designate “special construction areas for solar energy” in the zoning plan (FNP). In autumn 2020, FJP was commissioned to determine the potential for suitable areas for solar use.

In the course of this project, FJP, in consultation with the client, developed a catalogue of criteria for the restriction analysis, which addresses the special features of the urban area and takes them into account to an appropriate degree. Topics such as protected areas, competing uses, spatial planning concerns and distance areas to sensitive areas defined taboo areas, whereas areas that were already already encumbered were considered preferred areas.

From a comprehensive topic map with up to 40 criteria, a gradation into hard and soft restriction criteria was developed and presented in a restriction map. Further steps, such as the weighting of the criteria and the application of suitability criteria – for example through a minimum area size – made it possible to identify priorities for possible ground-mounted solar power plants. With the help of this tool developed by FJP, the potential sites were successfully identified and visually presented, and are thus available as a basis for potential designation in the FNP of the town of Spremberg | Grodk.