Environmental report (land-use plan) in Oranienburg

Client: Stadt Oranienburg
Period: 2011-2012
Dimension: 16.500 ha

In the context of an environmental review of the land-use plan for the city of Oranienburg subject to paragraph 2 (4) of the Federal Building Code, the anticipated environmental impact of the plan was determined, described and evaluated in an environmental report. The basis for the evaluation was the description and precise demarcation of the deviating site-map areas (modification areas). These areas were listed in tabular form together with details about their present and planned condition. The descriptions of the present condition of the environment were based on information given in the city landscape plan, which was consolidated through on-site inspection.
For each modification area the relevance of the potential environmental impact was estimated, as was the potential for intervention and the resultant need for compensation. To cover the need for compensation, a city-wide offsetting strategy based on the landscape plan was generated. In order to document the conclusions of the environmental report, a so-called landscape planning integration map for the land-use plan was created. This presents not only the modification areas and the extent of their interference, but also issues of nature conservation and landscape management integrated within the land-use plan.