Environmental Review of the Land-Use Plan in Michendorf

Client: Commune of Michendorf
Period: 2006-2008
Dimension: 6.850 ha

The aim of the current land-use plan is to integrate and, where required, modify the existing proposals for a land-use plan for the municipality of Michendorf. In the interests of environmental conservation an environmental review was carried out in accordance with paragraph 2 of the Federal Building Code, and the considerable level of anticipated environmental impact was determined and described in an environmental report. The early involvement of the authorities in the (scoping) process was instrumental in defining the scale and detail of the environmental review. In light of the detailed evaluation of the environmental issues in all planning areas, those with serious environmental impact were taken out of the planning as a conscious trade-off.
The compensatory areas covered by the land-use plan exceed the currently calculated need for compensation by c. 22 ha and include c. 77 ha of eligible land. A guarantee is therefore in place that any unavoidable interventions into the municipal area will be compensated. On 10 May 2008 the municipality of Michendorf, with the approval of the administrative district, agreed on the land-use plan.