Maintenance and development plan Falkenberger Krugwiesen, Berlin

Client: Bezirksamt Lichtenberg von Berlin
Cooperation: Dr. Hanna Köstler (Biotope mapping)
Activity: Revision of the maintenance and development concept
Period: 2021-2023
Dimension: 42 ha
Location: Berlin-Lichtenberg

In 1996, a maintenance and development plan was drawn up for the Falkenberger Krugwiesen landscape conservation area. This was largely implemented between 2003 and 2007 with the help of compensation funds. Due to the climatic changes of recent years, the wet sites of the nature reserve in particular have changed. Many of them are now subject to progressive succession. The maintenance and development plan is to be revised with regard to the protection, maintenance, and development measures. All in order to maintain or restore the efficiency of the ecosystem, the function as a local recreation area for the neighbouring residential area and the landscape of the Falkenberger Krugwiesen.
The focus of the revision is on the creation of maintenance and development measures. In addition, the focus was on the development of measures to maintain the recreational value, taking into account the high utilisation pressure and the existing and planned measures. In addition, a catalogue of measures was drawn up, on which the respective maintenance and planned development measures are presented.

Individual initial conversion measures envisaged by the maintenance and development plan will be realised as part of a compensation concept. For example, by clearing existing ditches and reopening usable meadow areas, a green space design in keeping with the landscape will be achieved. This is based on the former sewage field use of the areas.