Gravel mining Leegebruch

Client: Kieswerke Borgsdorf/ Kies- und Steinwerke Boerner
Period: 2012-2016
Dimension: 36 ha / 650 ha

In extending the Leegebruch SO I mining area belonging to the town of Hohen Neuendorf, plans for another gravel-quarrying field (Leegebruch SO II) are in development. Achieving these ends necessitated, amongst other things, accommodating 2 pre-existing plans for forestation, and redesigning the land-use plans. Alongside procedural support for all three operations, environmental expertise required for urban land-use planning and the mining-law approvals-process was provided. This included environmental impact study/environmental reporting, landscape management planning, and species conservation law assessment.
For the necessary contingency measures for interventions into the nature and landscape beyond the mining area to be incorporated into the overall spatial design, a landscape development strategy was established for the landscape around the Pinnow district. The goal was to create a model for future usage and landscape structuring that takes into account issues concerning the protection of species and biotopes, the requirements for recovery including a site development concept, and the preservation of agricultural use. The strategy also lays the basis for the definition and scope of the land-usage plans requiring modification.