Landscape Plan for Hohen Neuendorf

Client: City of Hohen Neuendorf
Period: 2009-2014
Dimension: 4.857 ha

The main objective of a landscape plan is to analyze, evaluate and present a municipality’s natural environment features and potentials, such as the beneficial use of natural resources, the characteristics of a natural environment and the recreational value of the landscape.

The landscape plan covers all four city districts of Hohen Neuendorf. The city is located on the northern border of Berlin and has changed considerably in the past 20 years because of a high population influx. Due to the growing population, the demands on the landscape are changing and the remaining green areas in the city center are endangered by residential densification.

The plan defines development objectives of nature preservation and landscape management and at the same time identifies conflicts with upcoming plans and projects. The conclusions drawn include the following subjects of protection: fauna and flora/biotopes, ecosystem, man/recreation as well as cultural assets.

During a revision of the land-use plan, relevant contents of the landscape plan can be incorporated in the related environmental report as guiding contents. Landscape and land-use plans are often developed parallel, but in Hohen Neuendorf the landscape plan was issued before the land-use plan. The landscape plan is currently a draft. The documentation and results from the participation process of public-sector agencies and the local community are still in the state of analysis.